Wurlitzer Valves

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These Wurlitzer valve blocks are custom made by Roberts Musical Restorations and are the highest quality reproduction Wurlitzer valve made today.  The internal valve in the block are made of leather and is adjustable like originals. They are NOT made of Sponge Neoprene that fail like other companies. If you're looking for trouble free Wurlitzer Valves that will last, here they are.

These Valves are the heart and soul of your mechanical instruments. This isn't the time to cut corners with cheaper made reproductions. As the old saying goes " Pay by Price, Pay Twice".

Note: When ordering, please specify any custom changes for example nipple direction or extra instrument hole and nipple if needed.

Price is for 1 Wurlitzer valve plus gasket

(Shipping is included within the US.)

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Price: USD44.95
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