Another complete restoration on a Mills Violano with Mahogany case


-------THE RESTORATION---------

During a typical restoration the complete Violano is taken apart. The case is also dismantled. In this restoration the case simply fell apart in many pieces. All cracks and veneer repairs will be done at this time before stripping. All parts will be nickel plated and polished. Soundboard will be completed first so the strings will have time to stretch during the restoration and given multiple tunings. Next the Violin is gone over and re-finished. Final finish need to cure 10 days and then hand rubbed for a mirror finish. Now its on to restore the rest of the unit.

(Below are different aspects of the restoration listed in no particular order.)

---SOUNDBOARD AND FRAME--- Seems like in the past the bottom of the frame came apart and someone "attempted" to repair it.


The case needed EXTENSIVE work. The entire case basically fell apart. Base was rebuilt and extra supports installed. New bottom doors needed to be fabricated. Someone previously built replacement doors out of solid mahogany and they where terribly warped. The front edge of the top lid was cut off, I assume to fit through a door way. This also will be extended like original. The exterior of the entire Violano will be re-veneered and all mahogany trim pieces to be replaced.




In every Violano restoration we strip the old nickel off the fingers and precision file the string contact points to remove ware groves. Then nickel plate. THIS IS A MUST in restoring Violano’s. In performing this step the fingers will have a solid contact with the strings. Also it is common for the original nickel to bubble and flake causing the fingers to stick and keeping them from having a smooth operation.


------ACTION PARTS------


************* COMPLETED **************