This is a Regina Sublima and is a mechanical piano. No vacuum. This unit is electrified, some are a spring-wound

style. Then one of the keys enter the hole in the roll it activates the mechanism for a piano hammer. The hammer then reiterates and vibrates against the string while the key remains in the hole in the roll. The music that it produces sounds somewhat like a Mandolin.

Pictures are in random order

Before Pictures

*****The Restoration*****

Plate (harp) and Soundboard

Roll Frame


The hammers were the most challenging part of this restoration. There are no replacements and being that they are so thin, can’t cut them out of regular hammers. Many different type of materials where tested and went with a very hard white felt in which was the hardest felt I had in stock The felt on the original hammers where worn down to the wood core so ended up sanding the tips off and gluing on the hard felt and then contoured the felt like original. When all said and done, at final regulation the high treble hammers had to be stiffened a little to produce a brighter tone.