Cork Gaskets for Player Piano's

Our gaskets are made of solid cork and are .060" thick unless otherwise noted. This is the ORIGINAL thickness, for example Simplex gaskets. Beware of others selling thinner gaskets. There will be a chance of not sealing properly. When removing old gaskets, they measure 1/32" thick but was compressed to this thickness from installation. If you install a 1/32" gasket, after it compresses you will be lucky to have a good seal. The mounting surface and pneumatic must be 100% flat in which isn't always the case.

Having a .060" thick gasket insures a tight seal after compression and will compensate any pneumatic or mounting surfaces that might be slightly warped or not completely flat.

Gaskets are sold by sets of 100 pieces. Costs per set is $50.00 plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling unless otherwise noted.

We will be listing the following gaskets soon. (If you don't see a certain gasket, please contact us for availability.)

*Aeolian 1/32"thick

*Artem is



*Simplex 2 tear



All of our gasket measurements are confirmed and cut by us. We are not re-selling gaskets from other companies.

Our gaskets are guaranteed to be an exact fit, worry free!

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